D. A. Bailey Decorating Ltd

Decorators of distinction

Residential properties


We promise to:

  • Provide you with a free detailed specification because we believe it is important that you receive a comprehensive home decoration quotation incorporating, if necessary, repairs.
  • Specify the materials we would use, because we believe that you should know what materials are being used and why they have been selected for your property.
  • To use only the best materials from the vast range of coatings that are available and use only those best suited to your property to provide maximum durability and quality of finish. These, of course, are covered by the ICI guarantee.
  • Keep you informed as to whether plant, equipment and materials are included in the price quoted.
  • Be completely honest with you and tell you how long the job will take, when we will start, what we require from you (i.e. access to the property) and if we need to turn on your alarm system as you may be away and so forth ...
  • Protect your furnishings and use our own equipment to clean up when the job is finished.
  • Not ask for a deposit, and stage payments are only requested on large projects. Payment is due on completion.